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Our mission is to become the real presence of Christ through prayer, education, worship and service

"Lead Me Lord, Send Me"
Fr. Stephen Okumu



Weekend Masses
Saturday 5 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM
Sunday 10:30 AM

Saturday 3:30-4:30 PM
or by appointment

Weekday Masses
Tuesday 9 AM
Wednesday 8:30 AM(Sept.-Mid June)
Wednesday 9:00 AM(Mid June-August)
Thursday 9 AM
Friday 9 AM

Parish Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 9 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 9 AM-1:00 PM





Bringing Communion to a Family Member

Currently, a parishioner may request a consecrated communion host for a family member when coming forward to receive Communion themselves using a pyx to bring the communion host home to a family member unable to attend Mass.

Beginning July 7-8 at all Masses Saturday and Sunday, the Parish will implement a new practice that includes a prayer and “sending forth” at the end of Mass for those who are bringing communion to a family member.

Starting on July 7-8 please place your pyx on the plate at the rear of the church where the hosts and wine are set out for procession to the Altar before Mass begins. A consecrated host will be placed in the pyx during the Eucharistic Prayer. Following the Prayer after Communion, you will be invited to come forward to receive your pyx and a blessing from Father Okumu.



Summer Stretch, Expand Your Faith

By Lorene Hanley Duquin, Take Out: Family Faith on the Go

Faith is an integral part of our lives; it is interwoven into everything we do.

Summer is a great time to refocus your family on faith, fellowship and fun!

The time you spend this summer strengthening your family’s faith will reap rewards in the fall when life begins to rev up again. You may even find that your kids want to continue some of the faith-filled summer fun all year long.

Make Mass a Priority

Resist the temptation to skip Mass during the summer months or when you are on vacation. You can make Mass something the whole family can look forward to by planning a fun family activity afterward. Or check to see if there are outdoor Masses at a parish near you. We believe that Jesus Christ is fully present in the Mass and the assembly gathered as the Body of Christ.

Do Some Spiritual Reading

Set aside some special time to introduce your children to the lives of the saints. The stories of these real-life people, who lived out their faith in courageous and inspiring ways, will serve as heroes and role models for your kids. We believe All of the faithful — both living and dead — are connected for all time through Jesus Christ.

Visit a Holy Place

Take a day trip to a monastery, a shrine, or a famous church so your children can experience some of the different types of spirituality that are part of the Catholic Faith. Ask if there are tours, and be sure to visit the gift shop. We believe in the divine presence of God among us.

Simplify Your Lives

Summer is a great time to sort through clothing, toys, sports equipment, and other possessions with the intention of sharing what you have with people who are in need. Or have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity. We believe in sharing material possessions and justice among all people.

Do Something for Someone Else

Make it a point to teach your children that an important part of faith in action is reaching out to others. Bring some summer flowers to a nursing home. Deliver a bag of groceries to the neighborhood or parish food pantry. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with a home-improvement project. We believe in the dignity of human life.

Do Something Good for the Earth

Plan a family project that will help the whole family appreciate and protect God’s creation. It could be something as simple as planting a tree, using less water, walking or biking instead of hopping into the car, or expanding your efforts to recycle and reuse. We believe the Earth is God’s creation, and we are called to protect the environment.

Have God Talks

Build a campfire in your yard or at a local park, and instead of telling ghost stories, encourage your kids to tell “God stories.” You may be surprised at how your children have experienced the presence of God in their lives, and you may find that memories of your own God experiences begin to surface. We believe that God wants to be with us.

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